Re-Branding Services

Does your current brand feel stale and not attracting customers like it used to?

Maybe it’s time to check out some Company Rebranding Services


Rebranding occurs when a business or organization decides to change a significant element of the brand. Such a change could be glaringly obvious like a new brand name or logo, or it might be more subtle such as a slight shift in messaging to better communicate a more relevant brand promise.

Sometimes you step back and take a look at your company and are shocked. It isn’t representative of who you are any more, looks dated and you realise you need a complete company rebranding. This extends far and beyond simply needing a new logo and in fact involves the full company rebranding from the marketing strategy to the representation of your approach.

Brand Marketing offers company rebranding services which cover every element of the process. I begin with your core business strategy and work outwards considering every element of your business from advertising to media representation and physical stationery to website branding.

Our rebranding services aim to reposition your company in the place you want to be. It could be that your ethos has matured and changed direction or it could be you simply want to attract a higher calibre of customer. It could be that your company is no longer preferred by a particular client base and through my company rebranding services we’ll work together to get them back on board, restore their faith and increase your success.

About Brand Management

Brand Marketing is a consultancy that specializes in the creation, building and management of brands. We are experienced in everything from brand positioning, brand strategy, and customer journey mapping to naming, brand architecture and internal learning and development.