Competitive Analysis and Positioning

  • What sets your product, service and company apart from your competitors?
  • What value do you provide and how is it different from the alternatives?

Competitive positioning is about defining how you’ll “differentiate” your offering and create value for your market. It’s about carving out a spot in the competitive landscape, putting your stake in the ground, and winning mindshare in the marketplace – being known for a certain “something.”

A good positioning strategy is influenced by:

  • Market profile: Size, competitors, stage of growth
  • Customer segments: Groups of prospects with similar wants & needs
  • Competitive analysis: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the landscape
  • Method for delivering value: How you deliver value to your market at the highest level

Do you see your company in any of these scenarios?

 Best Case  Neutral Case  Worst Case
 You provide a one-of-a-kind offering that your market needs and wants; you have strong differentiation from your competitors.  Your offering is somewhat different from – and better than – those of your competitors, and you communicate that difference (though probably not as consistently as you should).  Your market sees little difference between you and your competitors, and your name is not recognized.
 Your market knows your name and associates it with that “one thing” that you’re known for.  Some of your market knows your name, but they describe you in different ways; you’re not yet known for that “one thing,” but at least you’re occasionally recognized.  Because of this, you have to spend precious budget and time educating the market at each touch point.
 And you continually deliver on it – perception is reality – so you continue to win mindshare in your market, defending your turf and influencing your market. You know that you could make a greater impact on your market with stronger positioning.  You often end up competing solely on price, though your business isn’t optimized to continue profitably with falling prices.
 You have to fight long and hard for every sale. It’s very difficult to meet your revenue and profit goals.

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